The innovative SecretCell Micro-Cellphone will save you immediately! It never breaks and you can use 2 different sims in the same device!

  • Smallest mobile phone in the world!
  • Dualsim function: Automatically switch between sims (Great for working)
  • VoiceBoost function to change the sound of your voice to make anonymous calls or make jokes
  • Perfect to be hidden from those who must not see it
  • Excellent for recording anonymous calls
  • Use it to protect your smartphone from bumps and falls while doing sports, on the construction site or other activities at high risk of damage
  • Battery life up to 6 days
  • Resistant to any impact
  • 100% made in Italy

Useful in the workplace

With SecretCell you no longer have to have two phones. You can have everything in a single phone with an autonomy of up to 10 days. Very useful!

Perfect for kids

Keep children under control without risking giving them an expensive smartphone and having access to sites not suitable for children. SecretCell is robust to any impact and safe for children, you can finally keep them under control.

Change your tone of voice

This is the most used function in SecretCell. Change the sound of your voice to make anonymous calls or make jokes. You will also be able to record the call.

Keep your smartphone intact

Secret Cell perfectly replaces your smartphone in situations with high risk of breakage such as on site

Use it while doing sports

Going for a run or doing outdoor activities, it is often difficult to take your smartphone with you. SecretCell is very comfortable to carry with you given its small size.

Hide it everywhere

If you have Secrets to Hide from your Wife, your Husband, Partner, Companion, Girlfriend etc ... SecretCell will save your life.

From today you can use 2 different sims in the same mobile phone, nobody will notice!

Imagine having a small, pocket-sized mobile phone with a battery that lasts up to 6 days, robust against any impact and with the option of inserting 2 sims simultaneously. All this at a ridiculous price!

From today it is possible!

The mobile phone that will last for years! No more broken screen and battery that only lasts a few hours!

In an age when trying to have the biggest and most expensive phone of the others,  "Secret-Cell" breaks the mold trying to be the smallest of the others at an incredibly low price. Portable and Pocket-sized, suitable for being hidden or carried comfortably with you without the bulk of a large smartphone.

Unfortunately we know that the increase in the size and weight of the latest generation smartphones is increasingly going to the detriment of handling and practicality of use, often causing breakage and even loss. Especially those people who practice outdoor sports or who do particularly heavy work know it. It's not true?

Finally, SECRET-CELL with its size and weight is the perfect device to carry with you when you don't want to have the weight of a large smartphone. SECRET-CELL is assembled with materials that guarantee the robustness necessary to face any type of condition. No fear of breaking it.

Although small in size,"Secret-Cell" is confirmed as an excellent product giving the possibility to carry two sims in such a small body, thus becoming the perfect partner for your work. Bring your corporate and private sim with you with one small device.

Furthermore, through the innovative VoiceBoost function, you can change the sound of your voice to make anonymous calls or make jokes without showing your number . Give space to your imagination and use it in any situation, even in the most "secret" ones.

"I have been using it for 4 months now and honestly among all the cell phones I have tried this has proved to be the best and also the cheapest.I fell several times, but it works like the first day! The things I love most are battery life and DualSim function. I recommended it to my friends and everyone thanked me immediately. Truly a fantastic cell phone I recommend it to everyone! "
Luca Paoli - 42 years, Mechanic

Unfortunately, given the high demand, the German company has already run out of stock a few days ago. Today it has finally restored the warehouses, but we plan to run out of everything in a few hours. If once and for all you want to stop throwing money in expensive and fragile mobile phones make sure you fill in your information at the bottom of the page. (Special Offer 2 for the price of 1 reserved for you!)

What makes Secret-Cell so special: