šŸ”„Powerful Advance Headlight Repair AgentšŸ”„

Make your headlights look new for years with this repairing polish.


  • It is a multipurpose cleaner and repair solution that isĀ specially formulated for headlights. It has aĀ super hydrophobic glass coatingĀ that acts as a barrier coating over the surface of the headlight.

  • It effectivelyĀ removes haze and corrosionĀ from the lenses. It can protect your car from aging, fading, weather, fog, sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder, and pollution.

  • It restores the light output and light beam.Ā It powerfully removes and protects from scratches. It has a super long-lasting uv protection.

  • It can also be applied toĀ protect your carā€™s paint from five factors of automobile aging: scratch, stain, uv light, rain, dust.

  • It has a ph tolerance of ph2-12. it isĀ safe and non-toxic.Ā It brings back the glow of your car while protecting it 100%. It isĀ easy to fast to apply.


  • Volume:Ā 20 ml
  • Package:Ā 1Ā Repair Agent + 1 Sponge


  • This cleaner can not be used with the car refurbishment set or any car atomizer cleaner.