【30% OFF】Woodworking Planer Set



Crisp, clean edges from your saws and planers make your joinery come together professionally 


  • More Efficient – The Saker Woodworking Planer Set makes quick work of edge relief without changing bits in your router or plugging in anything,making your work easier and more accurate!
  • Adjustable Depth – Suitable for trimming and chamfering all kinds of wood. The cutting depth can be adjusted according to the working requirements.
  • Easy To Operate, Easy To Adjust –  Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubbles for easy observation and leveling. Comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Small, portable, and easy to operate, the heart is more intimate, planing smooth level.
  • Sharp And Hard, Safe And Efficient. – Added multiple high-strength carbon steel blades, sharp and ruthless, more efficient. At the same time, a black retaining edge is added to protect your safety in a sharp situation. Even a novice can operate it simply and quickly.
  • Easy To Disassemble And Assemble – Saker Woodworking Planer Set with Metal-Gypsum Board Edge Planing Quick Edge Trimming Wooden Chisel Plane Tools.Easy to disassemble and assemble, simple combination, and easy to install.


    • Material: P20 Steel, Aluminum Alloy
    • Color:Black
    • Size: 6.08*1.97*0.79inches(154.5*50*20mm)

      • Saker Woodworking Planer Set:1*Saker Woodworking Planer+1*45° Flat blade
      • Saker Woodworking Planer Set+6*Cutter Head:1*Saker Woodworking Planer + 1*1/4 Round cutter head + 1*45° Flat blade + 1*3/16 Round cutter head + 1*1/8 Round cutter head + 1*Double round cutter head + 1*Sharp-corner cutter head+1*round-corner cutter head + 1*Double-pointed cutter head
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      【30% OFF】Woodworking Planer Set


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