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1.This Retro Game Console contains various games.
2.Super-Case-U / J (USA) is suitable for the United States and Canada (110V-120V). 3.Super-Case-U / J (EUR) is suitable for Europe (220V-240V).
4.The appearance is different between Super-Case-U and Super-Case-J.

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    Click the highlights below to see a list of some games. (Update)

    classic SNES
    arcade games MSX 2
    Greater Bay Area Game console
    GBC Videopac
    National standard Magic swan color
    Securities Regulatory Commission game equipment
    Medical PhD PSP
    NES Sega 32x
    Commodore 64 Atari 5200
    Sharp X68000 Fairchild
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum Smart vision
    Sega host system Game boy forward
    Atari ST Pokemon mini
    Smart vision Brigadier General Amiga 1200
    Nintendo 64 New geography
    Videopac PC engine SuperGraphx

    Now it’s time to evoke the memories of your childhood games! !
    If you spend hours searching for Princess Zelda and discovering new levels in Mario is your favorite childhood pastime…boy, we have good news for you!

    1-2-3 is easy!

    1. Unboxing the console
    We ship to the world via DHL Express.

    2. Insert the CD TV, power supply, controller…boom, you are done!

    3. Enjoy your favorite game! Enjoy a selection of classic games for hundreds of years.


    Some product reviews

    -Through the Recalbox system, we support the following 26 languages:

    English, French, Italian, Croatian, Croatian, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Polish and other 26 languages.



    -Safe shutdown and safe reset

    Use the safety function, do not have to worry about sudden shutdown and equipment damage.

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    Retro Game Console